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Welcome to the Information Infrastructure for Education in the information age! This system allows instructors from any school or college (including home schools and training programs) to teach either onsite or online courses . It allows students to manage all their ongoing school works and past academic records at one location.

Our mission is to redefine the model of learning and re-engineer its process by providing innovative administrative and instructional technologies. Click here for our beliefs.

If you are a school administrator and would like to use for your classes, please create school profiles. Instructors and students may signup independent user account. For questions, contact us.

What is your opinion? Could another species someday replace us as Earth's dominant intelligent life and, if so, which species?
  • (643 Week 7/15 Outline: Object Orientation) (by Liping Liu)   Example 2:  Create a text file called users.txt that stores a list of user passwords.  Then create a login form to validate users against the file... more >>

This system is designed and developed by Professor Liping Liu with financial support from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. It evolved from a prior version called CourseWeb (for courses prior to Year 2000) and UXTEND.COM and
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